DigiServe value propositions to Partners

DigiServe’s partners are businesses or individuals who would like to generate additional revenue by driving traffic and sales to the products and services available on digiserve.ng. Many organizations and individuals can generate tremendous revenue by simply leveraging on their existing resources like network of friends for individuals or the customer base for businesses.

All that is required of our partners (Businesses or individuals) is to distribute links on our sites or promo codes from our vendors to their friends or customers. Once someone clicks on the link and make a purchase on DigiServe or someone uses the promo code distributed by the partner to make a purchase on DigiServe, the partners is automatically rewarded with a commission which is a percentage of the cost of sales.

Our partners also stands to generate huge revenue by getting Service providers/vendors to enroll on DigiServe. Each time a vendor pays his subscription fee and uses promo code associated with the partner, a percentage of the fee paid which could be as high as 50% of the subscription is remitted to the bank account of the partner.

Partners who have large customer base, like banks, Telecoms companies and insurance companies can also secure huge discount for their customers on DigiServe. When such discounts are secured a promo code shall be issued to the partner for distribution to the partners customers, once the partner’s customers use the promo code on DigiServe, the partner’s customers will enjoy the negotiated discount and the partner will also enjoy a commission on such sales. The partners would have derived two benefits from such transaction. One is the financial reward and the second is the customer loyalty to be derived from the customer who has been helped by the partner to secure discount.

To distribute DigiServe links or promo codes, partners could do any of the following:

1. Put DigiServe banners on their website. The code for the banner which you post on your website or facebook page shall be available on your affiliate panel when your application to be a partner is approved

2. Send digiserve links or promo codes to friends or customers by email, SMS, Whatsapp, Twitter, Facebook Instagram etc. The links and promo codes shall be available on your affiliate panel when your application to be a partner is approved

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