DigiServe is a place to order for services of any type and make payments to any of the enrolled organizations and vendors. It is a meeting point between service providers and service consumers. DigiServe gives organizations and vendors the capability to offer various services to their targeted community of users or the general public. Such services include:

1. Bills payment – Your customers or members of your community can now pay their bills with maximum ease. Users can come to your page and select a bill or you can send bills to your users by email or whatsapp and users can click on a link in the bill and pay you from their mobile device. Users and service providers will receive notifications by email and SMS at every stage of the transaction. All records of transactions are always available online for the reference of both the service providers and the users, which saves you the tedious effort of keeping records manually.

2. Online store- Your organization can now setup an online store where your targeted community of users or the general public can order your products and pay online. Inventories are kept online and the system tracks stock quantities and alerts you when stock is going low. Records of sales and stocks are always accessible to you, making pilferage in your store an uphill task.

3. Online Booking – DigiServe has a powerful booking tool which your organization can use to provide online booking services. Users can check availability of your facility or service before booking and paying online. Once your facility or service is booked for a specific period, the system automatically makes it unavailable for that period such that no one can book it again for that period

4. Auction –DigiServe provides the latest technology that you can use to auction various items and ensure your organization receives the best offer for items put up for auction.

5. Tickets – With DigiServe ticketing tools, your organization can now sell tickets online for various type of services like concerts, cinema, conferences, buses, train, sporting events etc. The system can automatically assign seat/table number along with the ticket when bought from you online.

6. Pincodes – Traditionally, pincodes are sold on scratch cards, your organization can now sell pincodes online, doing away with the burden and cost of producing scratch cards. Users would pay for pincodes online and the system would automatically send the codes to the user by email and sms.

7. Downloadable Products – DigiServe gives you the capability to sell downloadable products like ebook, music, movies, documentaries, conference proceedings, documents (PDF, Words, Excel etc), journals, lecture notes, handouts, maps, etc

8. Donations and crowdfunding – DigiServe offers your organization the best platform to receive donations and raise funds for your crowdfunding rounds. Donations, offerings, tithes and funding can now be received online with adequate documentations kept online for your easy reference

9. Applications submission – When your organization has a need to receive applications from the public, DigiServe offers the best tools to receive such applications. Users will be able to fill forms online and make payment online.

10. Tax collection – DigiServe offer the best platform for Governments at all level to collect taxes and levies. DigiServe offers a tax calculator which calculates the tax liability based on the formula setup by the collecting Government agency and the input provided by the tax payer. Taxes can be paid online with receipt automatically generated and sent by email to tax payer.

11. Visitors Appointments booking – Controlling visitors to offices and gated communities becomes easier with DigiServe. Visitors or their host can now be required to make a booking on DigiServe. When appointment booking is approved, the system automatically sends a code to the visitor by email and SMS, which would be presented at the gate, as a condition to admittance into the premise.


DigiServe offers advanced technology tools and capabilities to enrolled organizations and vendors, which include:

1 Multichannel Payment System – DigiServe gives enrolled organizations the capability to receive payments from their targeted community of users or the general public using a variety of payment methods including credit cards, debit cards, wallet, bank transfer, POS, Pincodes (online scratch card) etc. Any business or organization, big or small, can now accept credit/debit card online, with setup concluded same day and at no fee. Incredible but true!!!

2 Products photo and video – You will not only be able to display the pictures of your products but will also have the capability to show video clips of your products. For example a real estate company can show the video clips of the properties listed for sale or letting and a school seeking students admission can show video clips of the school infrastructure and activities

3 Maps – You location shall be shown on a map, which can guide your clients to your place, if they are coming to pick up their orders or visiting. This is also useful for gated estates who require that visitors obtains approval online before visiting.

4 Escrow Service – To boost user’s confidence and therefore boost sales, enrolled vendors on DigiServe may opt to use the service of any DigiServe certified bank escrow service, in which case, payments for services/products will be made by users to the bank escrow account, and such payments can only be remitted to the vendor, if no dispute is raised by the user within a specified period, typically 7 days. If there is dispute, it shall be referred to any of DigiServe certified Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) experts, whose decision shall be implemented by the escrow service provider.

5 Promotion – DigiServe provides you with great tools to promote your products and services to enable you generate more revenue. The affiliates program on DigiServe works by getting a number of people and entities like bloggers, online media, sales people, agents, to promote your services/products through social media, banners posted on their websites and door to door marketing and receive commission for each sale. The affiliates can also assist in distributing Promo codes, which users can use to obtain discount when buying your products. That way, you have various channels and multitude of people promoting your business, which guarantee increased sales.

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